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0800 22 66 94

            Call 0800 22 66 94 anytime to speak with


                        HV SASH crisis support staff

Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing (HV SASH)

HV SASH provides specialist support and counselling to people affected by sexual abuse, rape, sexual harm. Historic or current.

HV SASH support:

-we support anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality

-we support families/whanau & friends of victims

-we are flexible with all access needs


Referrals to HV SASH are welcome from any source including self-referred, through a friend, doctor, health provider or community organisation.  See referral form here, or call 04 566 5517 or 0800 22 66 94, or email

You can also find a link to our referral form on our services page.

HV SASH are currently looking for new counsellors to join our team, for more information please see our about us page.


For any information around COVID-19 please click here
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